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The Bickies

Fumio Nunoya - vocals
Kazuo Takeda – guitar
Koh Eiryu – guitar
Kenji Wada - bass
Junosuke Suzuki - drums

Formed in 1968, in Tokyo, by childhood friends Koh Eiryu, Kazuo Takeda and Fumio Nunoya, The Bickies actually lasted only one year with this name, but their relative inactivity, famous TV appearances and lack of recorded output has made them something of a Group Sounds legend. During their one year of existence, however, they were hot property and The Bickies topped a ‘Battle of the Bands’ for five weeks, on TV’s pop show R&B PARADISE, before the mysterious Koh Eiryu quit. He would return briefly to help form Blues Creation, only to quit once more and disappear from the music scene. In 1975, however, Koh Eiryu recorded a solo LP ALARM CLOCK.

Julian Cope
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