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The Dynamites

Hiroshi Segawa – lead guitar
Fujio Yamaguchi – guitar, vocals
Keizo Oki – rhythm guitar
Hiroshi Yoshida – bass
Mitsuo Nomura - drums

Led by lead guitarist Hiroshi Segawa, The Dynamites was a late Group Sounds outfit that began life as The Monsters until their record company Victor forced the name change. As The Monsters, they played raging R&B and dressed just like the high school gang which had spawned them. However, Victor Records forced a whole series of trite single releases on the band, and they were soon outfitted like Little Lord Fontleroys. Their first single was the horrible ‘Tonneru Tengoku (Tunnel Paradise)’ b/w ‘Koi Wa Takusan (I’ve Had Enough Of Love)’, which was quickly followed by ‘Manatsu No Yoru No Dopbutsuen (On Midsummer’s Night)’ b/w ‘Kegawa Ni Natta Shimauma (The Zebra Who Became Fur)’. Despite wearing velvet jackets and cravats or even bellhops’ uniforms in promo pictures, The Dynamites were entirely different on stage, performing Blue Cheer’s arrangement of ‘Summertime Blues’, as well as early Deep Purple hits ‘Kentucky Woman’ and ‘Hush’. However, their third and final 45 for Victor ‘Koi Wa Kesshuon (Love Is Question)’ b/w ‘Sekaiju Ni Hohoemi O (Smile At The Whole World)’ was no better than the first two. They released a decent though poorly-recorded live LP just before they split, entitled LIVE AT THE GO-GOACB 1969, after which time, guitarist Fujio Yamaguchi utterly rebelled by forming outsider rockers Murahatchibu..

Julian Cope
  • LIVE AT THE GO GO ACB 1969 (Victor, 1969)
  • The Dynamites - LIVE AT THE GO GO ACB 1969LIVE AT THE GO GO ACB 1969

  • Young Sound R&B (Victor, 1968)
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