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The Phoenix

Tetsuya Tsubaki – lead vocals, MC
Tadashi Kuriyama – lead guitar, vocals
Toshio Fujino – rhythm guitar, vocals
Mitsuharu Yamada – e. keyboard, vocals
Shigeo Miyazaki – bass, vocals
Jiro Suzuki – drums, vocals

Discovered, named and signed to King Records’ subsidiary Seven Seas by eleki guitar legend Takeshi Terauchi, The Phoenix were a young sextet from Tokyo whose sole claim to fame was their early, some say first ever, use of wah-wah pedal on a Japanese record. As The Phoenix were all ardent fans of Terauchi, who was their GS mentor from the beginning, it's difficult to verify these claims, as one would imagine that any such pedal passing first through Terauchi’s covetous mitts would have remained there long with him at least long enough to have allowed him to be the first to make such a claim (he did claim to have invented the first electric guitar when he was five years old). Considering their claim, the band’s sole single for Seven Seas, ‘Koisuru La La La (La La La In Love)’ b/w ‘ Namida No Shirubia (Silvia In Tears)’, was hardly ground-breaking stuff, consisting of a fine evocative introduction and not much else. Indeed, the sole unusual element was Mitsuharu Yamada’s intelligent use of the Yamaha Electone keyboard.

Julian Cope
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