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Taisuke Morishita – guitar, vocals
Yoshiki Iwamoto – guitar
Furuchin ‘Balls Out’ - bass
Yu Toda – drums

Underground mover Taisuke Morishita played some fairly wild guitar and bass at times in the very early 1970s, his artistic height being reached as vocalist/bass player, in 1972, with the power trio Yellow and their astounding megajam ‘Watch Out!’ However, when Morishita formed the BE quartet, in 1973, as a vehicle for his own guitar talents, nothing of real importance seems to have been achieved. Two tracks only have survived, recorded at the 1975 ALL NIGHT RAINBOW SHOW, neither seeing the light of day until the 21st century release of the double-LP compilation UNDERGROUND TRACKS ‘70s. But, despite both clocking in at over five minutes and seven minutes respectively, unfortunately neither 'Yukino no Shojo' (Snow Virgin) nor ‘One Day There’ll Be More Light’ come across as nothing more than pretty country rock fluff. Of special note, however, is the name of BE’s bass player Furuchin, which means literally ‘genitals showing’!

Julian Cope
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