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Blind Bird

Cover of the Rock Age Concert LP.
Taking their name from the infamous Mops song in which Hiromitu Suzuki sings ‘please kill me’, Blind Bird was an obscure festival band whose career peak was reached on September 30th 1971, when they appeared on the bill at Kyoto’s MARUYAMA ODYSSEY, alongside Too Much, Murahatchibu, Blind Bird, Attack and Julie Sawada’s short-lived super group Pyg. Thereafter, they turned up at the Tokyo festival ROCK INVITATION NUMBER ONE, in early April the same year, this time playing with Blues Creation, Too Much, Murahatchibu and the folk duo Garo. Unfortunately, no records appear to have been released.

Julian Cope
  • Cover of the Rock Age Concert LP.
Artist Information
Blind Bird did appear on a compilation LP called 'Rock Age Concert' released by Warner/Pioneer. Also on the album were Farout, Flower Travellin' Band, Rock Pilot, Too Much, and Speed Glue & Shinki.
Posted by choan, Sep 12, 2007
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