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Brast Burn

Konimara Ė vocals
Masabuni - synthesizer
Rey Ohara - percussion, hand drums

This virtually unknown free chantíníritual ensemble made one brilliant LP DEBON for Voice Records in 1974, before disappearing back whence they came. Often compared to Faust, they actually come across more like some Cajun inbreds at a cannibal sacrifice, the chanting exhibiting an apocalyptic bluesy quality somewhat akin to Exuma the Obeah Man, or Captain Beefheart circa STRICTLY PERSONAL and MIRROR MAN. Hand drums, sleigh bells, tambourines, blues harp, and many many vocals go into the sonic stew that makes the sound of Brast Burn.

Julian Cope
  • DEBON (Voice, 1974)
  • Brast Burn - DEBONDEBON

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