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Masayoshi Takanaka – vocals, guitars, bass, piano
Michio Ara - vocals, electric guitar, inspiration
Toru Hatano – fuzz guitar, keyboards, string & electric FX organ, drums, vocals
Keizo Ishiyama – bass, vocals
Hitoki Goto – rhythm guitar, bass, money, idea
Hoko Ide – organ, piano
Donand Dog III – vocals, piano
Akira Asami - piano
Takefumi Yoshida – sitar
Kenichi Sato – tambura
Oshine – drums
Humio Mori - drums
Toru Hatano – drums, keyboards

Taking its cue from late ‘60s bands such as Bob Markley’s West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Brush was the pet ‘vanity’ project of future Flied Egg/Strawberry Path bassist Masayoshi Takanaka. Not really a band as such, more a loose aggregation of like-minded musicians, Brush revolved around Takanaka and patron Hitoki Goto, who paid for all of the recordings in return for being allowed to record some of his own material. Those involved in this collective obviously wished to be perceived as a band, as eleven of the thirteen musicians involved appeared together in press photographs and on the LP sleeve itself. The self-titled LP, which was released in 1971 on the tiny TPR record label, covered all bases and suffered from that irritating eclecticism that was to ruin Takanaka’s future bands. Songs ranged from the gentle West Coast hippy songs of ‘Daybreak’ and ‘Almost Cut Your Hair’ (not the underachieving David Crosby abortion of almost the same name), via the Dylan-alike ‘Greyhound’ and the sappy sitar raga of ‘Tilanga’ to excellent full-on raging sonic experiments like ‘Die A Dog’s Death’. All around, however, there is nothing else of greatness to be excavated from this sole Brush LP.

Julian Cope
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