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Dew & Fumio Nunoya/Live
Fumio Nunoya vocals
Hisao Ono guitar
Tsuneo Matsumoto bass
Masami Naito drums

Dew was formed in January 1970. Dominated by vocalist Fumio Nunoya, ex-singer with New Rock act Blues Creation and Group Sounds act The Bickies, both of which he had formed with Kazuo Takeda, in 1969. Nunoya was also with band Taboo whom he formed with future Happy End star Eiichi Otaki. Evidence of only two Dew songs survive, both recorded at the Genya Protest Festival, and both featuring on the soundtrack LP on Elec Records. However, the band split up soon afterwards.

Julian Cope
  • Dew & Fumio Nunoya/Live
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Aug 27, 2009
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