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Masahiko Satoh – composer, arranger, percussion
Masahiko Togashi
Jo Mizuki – percussion
Hozumi Tanaka – percussion
Isamu Harada - percussion

This is another extremely ellusive LP that I've struggled hard to find, even putting out an all-point bulletin in a 2005 Drudion and discussing it with Krautrock gurus Alan and Steve Freeman, who have also been after a copy for years. The only information thus far known is that it was an experimental album, entitled ETERNITY, and was recorded in January 1971 called ETERNITY. It was subtitled ‘4Ch Niyoru Dagakki to Okesutora No Tameno Konpojishon’ (Composition for Percussion & Orchestra in Quadraphonic).

Julian Cope
  • ETERNITY (Polydor, 1972)

Artist Information
Eternity? / Epos
The correct title for this is Eternity?/Epos, and it's credited to Toshiyuki Miyama and New Herd Orchestra. The A-side, Eternity, is by Masahiko Togashi, and the B-side by Satoh. You did occasionally see copies around, though it's not cheap.
Posted by choan, Sep 19, 2007
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