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Masumi ‘Vocal’ Ono – vocals
Momoru ‘Mark’ Horiuchi – vocals
Tomiaki Hidaka – vocals, guitar

Best known for their 1973 hit 'Gakuseigai No Kissaten' (Café In A Student Town), Garo was a poppy folk trio who had very long hair and perpetually wore sunglasses. They all came out of the university folk scene, although Masumi Ono and Momoru Horiuchi both made their name in HAIR, playing the same character ‘Wolf’. Garo was named by their powerful manager, who took his inspiration from a hip discotheque in the Kawara-machi area of Kanuma City. Before joining the cast of ‘HAIR’, Masumi Ono had been an early member of Tokyo Kid Brothers, where he wsas known by the two stage names ‘Christ’ and ‘George’. In April 1971, the three received a major break playing at the famous festival ‘Rock Invitation Number One’, at the Hibiya Outdoor Hall, alongside Murahatchibu, Blues Creation, Too Much, Carmen Maki, Blind Bird, M and Tadashi Kosaka. Garo also supported Murahatchibu in July ‘71, performing alongside Blues Creation and Escape. With these cool underground credentials under their belt, they proceeded to make several very catchy singles, scoring hits in 1973 with 'Kimi No Tanjobi' (Your Birthday) and 'Romansu' (Romance), and the aforementioned ‘Café In A Student Town’. Garo broke up in December 1975.

Julian Cope
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