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Hachimitsu Pai

I've never heard this quintet, which featured a violinist and two guitarists. They were possibly Beatles-influenced, as their name means ‘Honey Pie’.

Julian Cope
  • SENCHIMENTARU DORI (Sentimental Street) (0000)
  • Hachimitsu Pai - SENCHIMENTARU DORI (Sentimental Street)SENCHIMENTARU DORI (Sentimental Street)

Still around, kinda...
"Sentimental Street" came out in 1973. Their one album is firmly in the mold of the laid back, more-folk-than-rock mold of Happy End, etc. There's a bit more edge to it (with a strong The Band influence, as in Levon Helm and the boys,) but if that stuff isn't your bag, this probably won't shake your tree either.

After breaking up, they got back together in 1975 and decided to become "Moonriders." The Moonriders have released approximately six million albums. I've only personally heard two, the utterly warped soundtrack/pop pastiche "Camera Egal Stylo," and the utterly pedestrian New Romantic pop album "Modern Music."

Moonriders site: http://www.moonriders.com/
Posted by The Pole of Justice, May 09, 2008
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