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Haruo Chikada - vocals
Eiichi Takagi
Katsumi Kobayashi
Yoshimi Tsuneda - drums

Although formed in the militant days of Kyoto protest during 1971, Haruophone-Biburasuton did not make their name or release an LP until 1976. They are, however, of more than passing interest because of leader Haruo Chikada’s links to the underground. In 1971, Chikada recorded the RCA collaboration FRIENDS with future Faces and Free bassist Tetsu Yamauchi, and appeared on stage with Les Rallizes Denudes at the behest of temporary front man and future Murahatchibu star Chahbo. Thereafter, Haruophone-Biburasuton was formed with former Murahatchibu drummer Yoshimi Tsuneda, Eiichi Takagi, and future Yonin Bayashi member Katsumi Kobayashi. They released the three LPs mentioned below, before Chikada split to form The Vibra-Tones in the ‘80s. In the ‘90s, Chikada embraced the coming dance trends with his new outfit President BPM.

Julian Cope
  • COME ON, LET'S GO (1976)

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