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The Jacks

Yoshio Hayakawa vocals, rhythm guitar
Haruo Mizuhashi lead guitar, vocals
Hitoshi Tanino Fender bass, upright bass
Takasuke Kida drums, flute, vibraphone

The Jacks were at the forefront of the Japanese folk rock boom, in 1968 scoring a huge hit with their nihilistic single 'Marianne', a demented and atonal 6/8 sub-'Signed DC' that sounded like the Velvet Undergound played by free jazzers. But their refusal to be interviewed, emphasis on poetry and the extremely long hair of singer Yoshio Hayakawa created an underground cult that would later influence Takashi Mizutani of Les Rallizes Denudes. The Jacks began in 1966 as a folk trio called Nightingale. But it was the arrival of jazz drummer Takasuke Kida that forged the sound of the Jacks. Their debut album, VACANT WORLD (featuring the epic 'Marianne'), is at number 42 in the Japrocksampler Top 50.

Julian Cope
  • JACKS' GREATEST HITS (Compilation) (Toshiba Express)
  • 'Karappo no Sekai' b/w 'Iikodane' (0000)
  • VACANT WORLD (Toshiba Express, 1968)
  • SUPER SESSION (Toshiba, 1969)
  • LIVE '68 (Jasdac, 1973)
  • ECHOES IN THE RADIO (Compilation) (Toshiba, 1986)
Edit ECHOES IN THE RADIO (Compilation)
Posted by choan, Sep 20, 2007
  • The Jacks - JACKS' GREATEST HITS (Compilation)JACKS' GREATEST HITS (Compilation)
  • The Jacks - 'Karappo no Sekai' b/w 'Iikodane''Karappo no Sekai' b/w 'Iikodane'
  • The Jacks - 'Karappo no Sekai' b/w 'Iikodane''Karappo no Sekai' b/w 'Iikodane'
  • The Jacks - ECHOES IN THE RADIO (Compilation)ECHOES IN THE RADIO (Compilation)

  • Yoshio Hayakawa in his Jacks days.
  • 'Tokei o tomete' single.
Jack all
For Jacks lovers everywhere, all of their recorded output, including some beautifully recorded radio sessions can be found on their box set, Legend - 40th Aniversary. This is an amazing set, with all of the non-LP singles plus the two official Lp's and the afore mentioned radio sessions LP, all in beautifull clear sound. Just pop over to Japan or Amazon.jp, (cheaper than flying but less fun) and order; you will not be disappointed.
Posted by poika, Dec 28, 2012
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