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Yamahira Kazuhiko

I know nothing of this 'loner folk howler' as Alan Cummings has referred to him, so I'll quote him instead:

“This LP was originally released on April 25th, 1972, Yamahira was a loner folk howler who was active in the high northern region of Akita, not so far away from the Aomori region that also sprouted out talents like Tomokawa Kazuki, Mikami Kan and Terayama Shuji. This is excellent rural folk masterpiece is stunningly great, emotionally laden and utterly lyrical but dwells in loneliness and disenchanted feelings, supported by a battered down acoustic guitar and some flute interceptions. Yamahira is more laid back than Mikami and Tomokawa but nevertheless he is still quite a restless loner and soul searching individual, aspects that clearly resurfaces upon listening to this disc. Although this effort was his first full length LP, he had previously already released one 7-inch in 1970 for URC, before shifting towards the Bellwood label. However when this LP was released Yamahira faced a broadcasting ban of his title song due to the name he attached to it that was a tongue in cheek towards the rigid broadcasting policies radio stations were dealing with. Of course his lyrics also contained some elements that enforced a ban on his music being broadcasted. So seen against this background you can understand why this record hardly resurfaces and is utterly rare. Also 7” unknown for URC in 1970.”

Julian Cope
  • HOSOKINSHIUTA (Bellwood, 1973)

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