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I have never heard this 'obscure psychedelic group', as internet bloggers have described them. However, they are reputed to have released one album.

Julian Cope
  • Martha (Private, 1971)
  • Martha - MarthaMartha

The artist's name is actually Kamijo, "Martha" is the album title (although you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, since the cover is simply the word "Martha" on a black background.

Acoustic folk rock with enough of a gentle psych bent that I think it could appeal to viewers of this site. Vocally, the guy sounds a bit like Greg Lake at times, although without the stupendous theatrics. The title song is excruciating...the chorus is "very, very cute..." repeated over and over in an uncomfortable Japanese accent. That aside, the album is pretty good.

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Posted by The Pole of Justice, May 25, 2008
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