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Ringo Yamamoto - vocals
Jo Yamato – lead guitar, vocals
Tsutomu Arai – rhythm guitar, vocals
Kazumi Kitazumi - organ
Shigeru Suzuki – bass, vocals
Kimihiko Kanemoto – drums, vocals

Mustang was a late Group Sounds outfit infamous for having extremely long hair and an outrageous stage show. Led by Rolling Stones obsessive Ringo Yamamoto, the band is best known in the West for their sexy self-titled garage classic 45 'Mustang' (London Records). The band looked even more extreme than the Rolling Stones, their sartorial inelegance approximating the same proto-yeti look as the Pretty Things and such outrageous Australian bands as the Creatures, Missing Links and Running Jumping Standing Still. Nowadays forgotten even in Japan, singer Ringo Yamamoto gained temporary cult status there when he interviewed Mick Jagger. On April 12th 1969, this extremely chaotic Kyoto band and two others (Wax and Mustapha) supported Les Rallizes Denudes at the legendary BARRICADES-A-GO-GO, an indoor festival held in the basement of Building A, at Kyoto’s Doshisha University.

Julian Cope
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