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Hiroshi Nar

Hiroshi in his Datetenryu days.
Hiroshi Nar began his career as bassist/singer for the organ-driven psychedelically styled quartet Datetenryo. Soon after he joined Mizutani's legendary Les Rallizes Denudes, but suffered several nervous breakdowns during which time he was homeless. He is said to have entered the 1980s owning just a guitar, a tape deck, a futon and an Amon Duul 2 cassette. After years of this itinerant lifestyle, Nar returned to the music scene with his quarted The Niplets, and has also enjoyed some underground success with the reissue of several of his 1970s recordings on the 3-inch CD series made by Goodbye and Hello studios.

Julian Cope
  • Hiroshi Nar
  • Hiroshi with one of his current groups, Port Cuss
  • Hiroshi in his Datetenryu days.
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