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Shinki Chen – guitar, bass pedals
Shigeki Watanabe – keyboards
Hiroshi Oguchi – drums

After the break up of Speed Glue & Shinki, Shinki Chen formed Orange with keyboard player Shigeki Watanabe of Wild Wand and former Tigers drummer Hiroshi Oguchi, who had just left Julie Sawada’s terrible post-Tigers supergroup Pyg. The Orange trio performed at the 1972 MOJO WEST festival and would have, according to producer and Atlantic label boss Ikuzo Orita, released their own record on Atlantic only if Speed Glue & Shinki’s second album had sold enough copies (‘We didn’t do anything after the second recording because it didn’t sell.’). However, as Masayoshi Kabe went missing during the recording of Speed Glue & Shinki’s mighty double-LP, the Orange ensemble was hauled in to fill out the record with their own song ‘Chuppy’, a flute-driven Shigeki Watanabe original, which was quite frankly by far the worst song on that all time monster of a rock’n’roll album. From this evidence, perhaps it is best that Orange never left the starting gate.

Julian Cope
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