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Oz Days

Oz Days was a legendary three-day festival in support of Tokyo's Oz Club, which was being forced to close down. All artists who had previously played at the Oz Club were asked to support the festival, which included performances by Acid Seven Group, Taj Mahal Travellers, Les Rallizes Denudes and Miyako-ochi, and which gained mythical status via a bootleg LP that was widely distributed throughout the West. Being such a mover and shaker in the Japanese scene, Acid Seven was billed under his own name, leading to the popular Western misconception that he was a band rather than an individual.

Julian Cope
  • Cover of the Oz Days 2LP
  • Miyako-ochi
Oz Last Days
For what it's worth, this event was actually titled 'Oz Last Days', and lasted for five days, not three (Aug 29 to Sept 2, 1973). The double album was also going to be titled Oz Last Days (see the pre-release flyer here: http://www.yk.rim.or.jp/~ubud/rg/rf7334b.html

The announced line-up for each of the days was:
8/29 Yoninbayashi, Anzen Band, Zuno Keisatsu
8/30 Creation, Carmen Maki & Oz, Taj Mahal Travellers
8/31 Lazy Kim Blues Band, Westroad Blues Band, Agora
9/1 Gypsy Blood, Acid Seven, Makoto Kubota
9/2 Rallizes, Masato Minami, Oz Golden Boys

Oh yes, the original album credits Acid Seven, not the Acid Seven Group. And Masato Minami Group, rather than just Masato Minami.
Posted by choan, Sep 03, 2007
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