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The youthful Micky Curtis.
Miki Curtis vocals, flute
Tetsu Yamauchi bass
John Redfern guitar
Joe Dunnett guitar, keyboards
Yujin Harada drums (later-Far East Family Band)

Samurai was a progressive rock outfit formed by singer Miki Curtis from the ashes of his Group Sounds outfit The Samurais. Always a chancer, Curtis cleverly hired two Engish rock musicians and future Free bass player Tetsu Yamauchi, thereafter recording two albums with this ensemble entitled GREEN TEA (1970) and KAPPA (1971).

Julian Cope
  • SAMURAI (Metronome, 1970)
  • KAPPA (Philips, 1971)
  • Samurai - KAPPAKAPPA

  • The youthful Micky Curtis.
Artist Information
The other Mickey Curtis album from this period is "Mimi", released on Vertigo in 1972.
Posted by choan, Sep 13, 2007
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