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Mizuki Shigeru

Known in Japan not for his music but for his manga art, the one-armed Mizuki Shigeru created a visual half world inhabited by behemoths, ghosts, sub-humans and the like. However, in 1978, Shigeru decided to create an ‘accompanying soundscape’ for his visions and the result was the electronic music of YOKAIGEN. To facilitate this vision, Shigeru employed the services of electronic artist Morishita Tokihiko, whose own albums TOCCATA and 18 SAI MIMAN NO BALLAD had been released half a decade earlier on the Polydor label. Following Mizuki Shigeru’s instructions almost to the letter, Tokihiko created a sonic landscape of alienation and bubbling, whirling, disjointed half-life worthy of his one-armed mentor’s inner soundtrack. The results were released in 1978 on the Victor label.

Julian Cope
  • YOKAIGEN (Victor, 1978)
  • Mizuki Shigeru - YOKAIGENYOKAIGEN

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