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Vodka Collins Vodka Collins reunion lineup. Monsieur Kamayatsu, Alan Merrill, Hiroshi Oguchi, Masayoshi Kabe. Photo- Shinoyama Kishin, 1995 (Vodka Collins / circa 1990s)
Posted by Viva Vivi, Jun 29, 2010
Vodka Collins - Comments
Vodka Collins
Vodka Collins reunions took place starting in 1990 with a short tour after the successful award winning reissue of their "Tokyo New York" album on CD, with original founding members Hiroshi Oguchi and Alan Merrill participating. Other players involved in this reunion were The Coconuts (Of Kid Creole), Robin LeMesurier, Donnie Kisselbach, and Shinohara Nobuhiko.
Five years later, in 1995 Vodka Collins reformed, for several years in fact, with a four piece lineup of Hiroshi Oguchi, Alan Merrill, Hiroshi Kamayatsu (ex-Spiders) and Masayoshi Kabe (ex-Golden Cups), recording the albums "Chemical Reaction" (1996), "Pink Soup" (1997), and "Boy's Life" (1998). In 2004 a best of Vodka Collins was released on Polystar Records titled "Boys In The Band."
Sadly, Drummer Hiroshi Oguchi died of cancer on January 27th, 2009.
There was a "Concert For Hiroshi" at Tokyo's Duo Music Exchange, January of 2010, with a videotaped and televised reunion of all former Vodka Collins band members on stage, including original bass player (now on guitar) Take Yokouchi, Masayoshi Kabe, Monsieur Kamayatsu, Alan Merrill, and Shinohara Nobuhiko. Filling in for the late Hiroshi Oguchi on drums was Grico, of the band Tensaw.
Posted by Viva Vivi, Jun 29, 2010
Vodka Collins - Album Sleeve
VODKA COLLINS (Express, 1973)
Vodka Collins
Posted by Viva Vivi, Jun 29, 2010
Posted by Viva Vivi, Jun 29, 2010
Hiro Yanagida - Artist Information
Vodka Collins and Hiro Yanagida
It is little known that Hiro Yanagida played the Hammond B3 organ part that starts off the album on the Vodka Collins LP "Tokyo New York" (EMI) recorded in 1972. The long organ part by Mr. Yanagida segues into what is the first released Japanese language glam rock song, "Automatic Pilot."
Mr. Yanagida also appeared again on Vodka Collins "Pink Soup" CD in 1997, playing electric piano on the tracks "Motive Confusion", "Skying", and "Tumbleweed."
Posted by Viva Vivi, Jun 29, 2010
Flied Egg - Video Clip
Unfortunately they reformed
Posted by Goat, May 03, 2010
Joe Yamanaka Battles Lung Cancer
As of March 25th 2010, the Flower Travellin' Band website has a written statement from Joe that he is battling lung cancer. The note is in Japanese only, on both the English and Japanese pages.

I am not sure if there is a way to express your support for Joe other than sending an email on the band's website, but I am sure I speak for everyone when I say I wish him a fast and full recovery. [LINK]
Posted by judan-maiku, May 01, 2010
Posted by betalactamring, Jan 07, 2010
Goulois Asterix - Artist Information
Goulois Asterix
Name of the band is actually 'Goulois Asterix' - very obscure group led by guitarist Hiroshi Kato. They made at least one album, ‘Inochi’ [Tengu/URC, 1970], which has been described as ‘progressive underground’- 'crazy-sexual-psych. Great album!
Posted by betalactamring, Jan 07, 2010