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Flied Egg - Video Clip
Unfortunately they reformed
Posted by Goat, May 03, 2010
Joe Yamanaka Battles Lung Cancer
As of March 25th 2010, the Flower Travellin' Band website has a written statement from Joe that he is battling lung cancer. The note is in Japanese only, on both the English and Japanese pages.

I am not sure if there is a way to express your support for Joe other than sending an email on the band's website, but I am sure I speak for everyone when I say I wish him a fast and full recovery. [LINK]
Posted by judan-maiku, May 01, 2010
Posted by betalactamring, Jan 07, 2010
Goulois Asterix - Artist Information
Goulois Asterix
Name of the band is actually 'Goulois Asterix' - very obscure group led by guitarist Hiroshi Kato. They made at least one album, ‘Inochi’ [Tengu/URC, 1970], which has been described as ‘progressive underground’- 'crazy-sexual-psych. Great album!
Posted by betalactamring, Jan 07, 2010
Goulois Asterix - Album Sleeve
INOCHI (Tengu, 1970)
Goulois Asterix
Posted by betalactamring, Jan 07, 2010
Please share! seconded
if you have a copy of this record and can rip it, please share with the on-line community. This Lp is very rare, and it looks like no one is in any hurry to reissue Yamash'ta's experimental rare early albums (Red Buddha excepted).
I would buy it if it does ever get reissued, but I don't want to wait years for that to happen.
Please help! I have been looking for it for a very long time, as I'm sure others have too.
Posted by achuma, Nov 10, 2009
Toshi Ichiyanagi - Comments
life music
you also can find a version of life music and sapporo on music before revolution. the cd version of tadanori yokoo is a rip-off of the original double album. the original lp was released on the end records. it is a double picture disc with a booklet with text in japanese and some artwork by todonori yokoo.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Nov 09, 2009
Joji Yuasa - Comments
joji yuasa projections
i love this 5lp box very much. as far as i know the record is very rare. it contains contemporary and electronic music.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Nov 09, 2009
sunrise from west sea live.
this is a lovely record. In fact it doesn't sound like any other yamash'ta album. it's more like taj mahal travellers, east bionic symphonia or catch wave by takehisa kosugi. however, i'm glad i own a copy of this record. it's very rare.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Nov 09, 2009