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Goulois Asterix - Album Sleeve
INOCHI (Tengu, 1970)
Goulois Asterix
Posted by betalactamring, Jan 07, 2010
Please share! seconded
if you have a copy of this record and can rip it, please share with the on-line community. This Lp is very rare, and it looks like no one is in any hurry to reissue Yamash'ta's experimental rare early albums (Red Buddha excepted).
I would buy it if it does ever get reissued, but I don't want to wait years for that to happen.
Please help! I have been looking for it for a very long time, as I'm sure others have too.
Posted by achuma, Nov 10, 2009
Toshi Ichiyanagi - Comments
life music
you also can find a version of life music and sapporo on music before revolution. the cd version of tadanori yokoo is a rip-off of the original double album. the original lp was released on the end records. it is a double picture disc with a booklet with text in japanese and some artwork by todonori yokoo.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Nov 09, 2009
Joji Yuasa - Comments
joji yuasa projections
i love this 5lp box very much. as far as i know the record is very rare. it contains contemporary and electronic music.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Nov 09, 2009
sunrise from west sea live.
this is a lovely record. In fact it doesn't sound like any other yamash'ta album. it's more like taj mahal travellers, east bionic symphonia or catch wave by takehisa kosugi. however, i'm glad i own a copy of this record. it's very rare.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Nov 09, 2009
excerpt from taj mahal travellers 1 august 1974.
This lp was released in 1983 on denon records. (OS-7110-ND). On both sides there's an improvisation of 23 minutes and 27 seconds.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Nov 09, 2009
Dew - Link
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Aug 27, 2009
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Aug 27, 2009
Osamu Kitajima - Comments
Osamu's 1974 solo album is spelled incorrectly, it should be BENZAITEN instead of BEZAITEN.
It's a very good album of "ethnic fusion" without the new age sound of his later albums, and should be of interest to many Japrocksampler readers.
Posted by gojira2012, Mar 26, 2009
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Mar 03, 2009