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Article on the Japanese tour
With photos... [LINK]
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Oct 08, 2008
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Oct 03, 2008
Ranmadou - Link
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Sep 30, 2008
Please share!

Would the Seth Man please be kind enough to share a copy of this recording, I'm curious as hell!

Posted by ushaped, Sep 30, 2008
The Tigers - Comments
>Katsumi ‘Toppo’ Takahashi AKA Katsumi Kato

Katsumi 'Toppo' Kahashi aka Katsumi Takahashi

"Katsumi Takahashi" is his real name. He used it (Takahashi) only a short time after quitting Tigers.

>as did drummer Minotu Hitomi, who took the name Pea.

His nickname was spelled as "Pee".

>And on their final recordings, a double live LP entitled JIYU TO AKOGARE TO YUJO (FREEDOM, HOPE & FRIENDSHIP)

a double live LP is SOUNDS IN COLOSSEUM (Polydor, 1970) mentioned in "Discography".
FREEDOM, HOPE & FRIENDSHIP is their last studio album, and their last live album is Tigers Finale recorded at their farewell concert.

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Posted by barbara_c, Aug 04, 2008
The Golden Cups - Comments
Mops and another band pictures are mixed in. Only "artist_fullsize/9.jpg" and "artist_fullsize/509.jpg2" are Cups.
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Posted by barbara_c, Aug 04, 2008
"Satori Pt. II" at the reunion show
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Jul 21, 2008
Harumi - Comments
Don't mess with Harumi
In my humble opinion the Sethman's dim remembrances of this very unique album are way off. I suppose if you feel that Sgt.Peppers was the pinnacle of western music you might be a bit put off by this one but personally I'd take the glorious imperfections of this album over the Beatles any day. From the awesome one-note bass line and King of Cartoons horns on the first track to the final two side long freakouts (the at times very VU sounding guitars make one wonder who may have been sitting in on these sessions) this one deserves some recognition.
Eerie, beautiful and weirdly uplifting songs, gorgeous psychedelic gatefold.
I Took A Ride (In Your Caravan) was later covered by the Rotary Connection.
Posted by mysterian00, Jul 20, 2008
FTB is back together and touring...
Live review of the first show. [LINK]
Posted by The Pole of Justice, Jul 20, 2008