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Hachimitsu Pai - Comments
Still around, kinda...
"Sentimental Street" came out in 1973. Their one album is firmly in the mold of the laid back, more-folk-than-rock mold of Happy End, etc. There's a bit more edge to it (with a strong The Band influence, as in Levon Helm and the boys,) but if that stuff isn't your bag, this probably won't shake your tree either.

After breaking up, they got back together in 1975 and decided to become "Moonriders." The Moonriders have released approximately six million albums. I've only personally heard two, the utterly warped soundtrack/pop pastiche "Camera Egal Stylo," and the utterly pedestrian New Romantic pop album "Modern Music."

Moonriders site: http://www.moonriders.com/
Posted by The Pole of Justice, May 09, 2008
Kuni Kawachi - Comments
The Happenings reFourmed
"A couple of years ago, his old Group Sounds band reformed, and are said to have played Kawachi’s KIRIKYOGEN in its entirety."

I went to The Happenings Four gig at UFO Club in Jan 2007. Sorry Julian, I don't know what songs they played, but I can tell you that they were absolutely awful. They spent as much time talking between songs as playing, which is something some Japanese bands are prone to do and is a huge no no as far I'm concerned, but here it was almost a blessing as the music was just horrendous. I remember several years ago borrowing a GS comp from a friend and it was just unlistenable (nothing like what I knew as GS); I didn't note the artists on it at the time, but The Happenings Four live were very much of the same ilk. I'm not talking about such lesser inconsequential but still listenable GS such as say The Wild Ones, who actually I enjoyed quite a lot when I saw them at Loft last year; I'm talking unspeakably bad, and I had to leave half-way through their set (missing the last band) because it was just beyond enduring.
Posted by asiamiles, Apr 29, 2008
Kuni Kawachi - Album Sleeve
Kuni Kawachi
Posted by shaka, Apr 16, 2008
J.A. Caesar - Artist Information
Ban'yu-inryoku Theatre Group
I realise that I saw the Ban'yu-inryoku Theatre Group - formed by J A Caesar in August 1983 - when they performed his "Suna Desert Zoo" (music, direction and artistic direction by him) in Manchester on 16th September 1986.
I still have programme, flyer, poster and a tape of music from that performance. In the programme it states nine productions undertaken by the company between 1983 and 1986 - L'Empereur de Chine; Origin of the Double (Shadow Dodging); Koshoh Densetsu (The Rainbow Myth); Workshop (Winter Fuse); Kaku Teien no Hanzai (Crime in the Fantasy Garden);Sabaku no Dobutstuen (Suna - Desert Zoo); Baron Stamphore's water dropiet (Eyeball Museum of the Eternal Amusement Machines); Out of Man (The Stranger in a Clock); Kusa Meikyu (The Grass Labyrinth)
The production played in Edinburgh, London, Northampton, Preston and Manchester.
My memory recalls a very strange evening with projections, acrobatics and excellent music.
Posted by Steve Broadhurst, Apr 10, 2008
the missing link or what????
when the dust settles and future generations look back at this age...nah scrap the mysitkal pap. THIS BAND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE...it certainly did to mine..as a fan of Ayler, Sonny Sharrock, Melt Banana,T.G. ETCETERA, im used to "noise" BUT aint heard nowt like this. dont want to gush BUT just LISTEN to that guitar abuse/abasement. sheesh!! id recommend headphones and kill the lights (you want full assault, yes you do). ta Drude muchly!!!!!
P.S. does any1 know where to find this french documentary, as the youtube footage just aint enough.....
Posted by swc, Mar 26, 2008
Hiroshi Nar - Image
Hiroshi Nar Hiroshi in his Datetenryu days.
Posted by choan, Mar 19, 2008
Posted by gullcity, Feb 27, 2008
Lo Pop diamonds CD Kao yo
Posted by chemoman, Feb 27, 2008
ato, koko
Posted by chemoman, Feb 27, 2008
Mizutani no motherlode wa
koko ni arun da:
Posted by chemoman, Feb 27, 2008