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Flower Travellin' Band The Canadian version of "Satori" contained only "Satori Pt. 1", "Satori Pt. 2" and Satori Pt. 5" (retitled here as "Satori Part III") from the original Japanese LP and were remixed to considerably reduce the howl of both guitars and vocals. It's rounded out with 4 tracks from "Made In Japan": "Kamikaze," Hiroshima," "Unaware," "Gimme Air" [sic] as well as the sitar-laden "Lullaby," which appeared only here and as a Canadian 45 B-side to "Satori Part 1."
Posted by The Seth Man, Jan 05, 2008
Strawberry Path Cover inlay of "When The Raven Has Come To Rhe Earth" LP.
Posted by shaka, Nov 29, 2007
Pyg! - Image
Pyg! OBI from the debut LP (OBI)
Posted by shaka, Nov 16, 2007
Pyg! - Image
Posted by shaka, Nov 16, 2007
METEMPSYCHOSIS (Columbia, 1971)
Stomu Yamash'ta & Masahiko Satoh
Posted by choan, Nov 07, 2007
Fujio Yamagauchi - Comments
cover art
You're right in that it's not the cover art from the original 1974 release, which had a cartoony dude with a guitar.

But this was the artwork used on the Chop and Vivid CD editions available in the late 80s and 90s.

The recent Good Lovin' edition reinstates the original artwork and can be seen here (about halfway down the page, just below Teardrops - Deluxe Edition).

Posted by choan, Nov 07, 2007
Fujio Yamagauchi - Comments
wrong cover art given for Himatsubushi
The cover art given above is NOT from the album Himatusbushi, unless it's some rare alternate cover. I'd like to know what it is from, because it's still pretty cool artwork.
Posted by achuma, Nov 07, 2007
Yonin Bayashi - Video Clip
Hibiya Public Hall 1973
Posted by scarlet, Oct 17, 2007
Murahatchibu - Video Clip
Live 1972/11/23 at Keio University Senda Festival
Posted by scarlet, Oct 17, 2007
Flower Travellin' Band Yokohama Music Bowl May 7th 1972 Ticket Back
Posted by scarlet, Oct 09, 2007