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Flower Travellin' Band Kyoto Maruyama Park 1973
Posted by scarlet, Oct 01, 2007
Flower Travellin' Band
Posted by scarlet, Oct 01, 2007
Flower Travellin' Band The Flower Travellin Family
Posted by scarlet, Oct 01, 2007
Lost Aaraaff - Album Sleeve
Lost Aaraaff
Posted by The Seth Man, Oct 01, 2007
Dema - Album Review
DEMA (Columbia, 1972)
After a cosmic intro, the dueling ensembles (Garan-doh and the Kohsuke Ichihara All Stars) settle into a "Bitches Brew" styled workout. Then, in the last ten minutes or so of the album, searing synths bring us to realms akin to Weidorje or "De Futura" styled zeuhl, albeit with a jazz pulse instead of zeuhl's rock meters. Strangely, the piece is abruptly cut off before a natural climax is reached, replaced by a pasted-on distorted sputter, followed by a cosmic outro.

Note that the CD reissue at least lists the artist not as "Dema" but as

Tsutsui, Yasutaka / Ichihara, Kohsuke / Satoh, Masahiko

and the release date as 1973, not 1972.
Posted by Lascivia, Sep 29, 2007
Datetenryu - Comments
Album mistitling.
I was looking into the book's recommendation of Datetenryu's album "Unto 1971" (apparently called "Unto" in the bio above) and as far as I can tell this is a conflation of the titles of two albums, as can be seen, for example, on the official website linked to above by choan.

The "1971" CD is on the Dragon Freek label and is undoubtedly what is being discussed in the bio above, while "Unto" consists of recordings from 1975 to 1982 and came out on the Belle Antique label.
Posted by Lascivia, Sep 28, 2007
Yoko Ono - Link
Posted by Mulboyne, Sep 27, 2007
Flied Egg - Image
Flied Egg 2 year old Shigeru "Jimmy" Narumo with a member of the US Occupation forces who was posted to live in his family home. (http://www.ne.jp/asahi/chelseas/terrace/DSA/photo_album.html)
Posted by Mulboyne, Sep 27, 2007