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Too Much - Comments

very interesting information, but I have a question

who is the one on the cover of the album and single? is this Juni Lush? or Junio Nakahara?

I saw the album cover of The Helpful Soul, and there also appears a man with afro hairstyle, is this Junio Nakahara?

Hopefully I can clear my doubts, because I think that is on the cover of the album, The Helpful Soul, is Nakahara and that is the same as the album cover of Too much and the single, but the text mentions that it is Juni lush that has the afro.

or both had afro? that in the photo of the band there is only one

I hope is not a nuisance.
thank you very much.
Posted by massiosare89, Sep 20, 2011
The Mops - Video Clip
Live on the roof of Mitsukoshi department store August 4, 1972
Posted by scarlet, Sep 14, 2011
Joe Yamanaka has passed away / ジョー山中さん死去
"A man beyond the sky,
even though I have never seen you in my life,
that I know you are always watching and guiding me...

空の彼方から愛を..... one love"

- Joe Yamanaka [LINK]
Posted by judan-maiku, Aug 20, 2011
Toshi Ichiyanagi - Comments
The CD version of "Opera Based on the Works of Tadanori Yokoo" is not a rip-off in any way, so long as it comes as the reissue from Bridge Records.

Not only a faithful reproduction of the original double LP, it has a new essay included by Yokoo, and aside from the absence of picture discs as they would be in vinyl, it is (I daresay) a more robust package.
Posted by judan-maiku, Jan 03, 2011
Yuji Takahashi - Comments
Distant voices
Sorry, I said it had a red label, in fact it's an orange label. Excuses.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Jan 02, 2011
Yuji Takahashi - Comments
Distant Voices
The Picture of the sleeve is not the LP but the CD. The LP has an insert but not an obi. Distant Voices (Columbia YX-7085-N). The record has a red columbia label.
Posted by henkzuurveld, Dec 28, 2010
Tadanori Yokoo - Comments
I'm [not] Dead
I hadn't read the bio here, but I want to make it clear that Mr. Yokoo is not dead.

Also, if you order anything from his official site/store, (including the fantastic Bridge Records "Opera" reissue) he will kindly autograph and personalize it, from beyond the grave, no less!
Posted by judan-maiku, Dec 01, 2010
Murahatchibu - Artist Information
Fabricated nonsense
Fujio does not have a "black face" in homage to Chuck Berry. This is fabricated nonsense, like many other information in this book. His face is painted black, another members face is painted white, another members face is painted half-black half-white, another members face is painted black with white outlines, and finally Chabo is painted white with black stripes. Do you need to be baby-fed the artistic idea? Julian Cope you fabricating dumb-fuck
Posted by fixingbullshit, Nov 25, 2010
Blues Creation - Comments
I don't know why the uploaded image replaced the Blues Creation images... maybe automatic because the file is larger? Sorry about that.
Posted by judan-maiku, Oct 20, 2010
Blues Creation 1981年 大沢博美&NIGHT PEOPLE ポリドールレコードにて/From 1981's "Hiromi Osawa & Night People" on Polydor Records. Can anyone find this record? (http://blog.studio-ales.net)
Posted by judan-maiku, Oct 20, 2010