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Masahiko Satoh is a composer and arranger, and is a key figure in the Japrocksampler story (see Books One and Two).
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
The splendidly-named Sakenomido (‘drunken kid’) were a Kyoto underground outfit only known for their single Murahatchibu support slot at the MURAHATCHIBU NUMBER ONE CONCERT, on August 27th 1972, which took place at Kyoto’s Matuyama Outdoor Music Hall. The other bands on the bill were Marisu and Spanish Harlem Night.
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
A multi-instrumentalist and composer, Hideakira Sakurai is best known for creating the soundtracks for many of the cult classic Lone Wolf and Cub/Baby Cart films.
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
Miki Curtis – vocals, flute
Tetsu Yamauchi – bass
John Redfern – guitar
Joe Dunnett – guitar, keyboards
Yujin Harada – drums (later-Far East Family Band)

Samurai was a progressive rock outfit formed by singer Miki Curtis from the ashes of his Group Sounds outfit The Samurais. Always a chancer, Curtis cleverly hired two Engish rock musicians and future Free bass player Tetsu Yamauchi, thereafter recording two albums with this ensemble entitled GREEN TEA (1970) and KAPPA (1971).
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
Sandii & the Sunsetz were formed by Hawaiian model and DJ Sandii Suzuki in the mid-1970s. However, her new wave-style music is outside the interest of Japrocksampler parameters.
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
Obscure folk rock group.
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
Played with Flower Travellin Band on May 6th, 1970. Also appeared at the opening of the Rock Garden Saint Lazare, with Rallizes, Foodbrain, and Brain Police.
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
Kazuhiko Katoh – guitar, synthesizer, vocal
Mika – vocals
Masayoshi Takanaka – guitar, synthesizer, Mellotron
Rey Ohara – bass, marimba
Yulihiro Takahashi - drums

Ian MacDonald’s NME review at the time said that it made “Iggy and the Stooges sound like the Amadeus String Quartet”! Formed as a supergroup by successful solo artist Kazuhiko Katoh, this band was shit.
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007
Masayoshi Kabe - guitar
Zaleski – flute, piano, guitar
Keibun Hayashi – bass
Jon Yamazaki – drums

After quitting The Golden Cups at the end of 1969, Masayoshi Kabe was listening to bands such as The Fugs, Canned Heat and Detroit’s SRC (the organ-based band led by Scott Richardson of The Rationals). Kabe had entered a hugely psychedelicized period and especially liked SRC ‘because their jackets were pretty mushroomy’. Kabe therefore decided to form a similar improvisational ensemble based on the more loose and bluesy side of Led Zeppelin, The Fugs and Santana. So, along with old friends Keibun Hayashi and Jon Yamazaki, Kabe invited jazz guitarist/flautist Zaleski to join Room. Playing airforce bases and temporarily moving to Kouzu island, the band did no studio recordings during this period of total freedom and, according to Masayoshi Kabe himself, Room appears to have spent a great deal of its time ‘all sniffing paint thinner… We all liked chemicals… I did anything people gave me.”
Posted by Julian Cope, Sep 01, 2007